Terms and Conditions

  • A deposit payment is required to secure your booking.

    Final payment is to be made to the dancer or waitress on arrival at your event. Entertainers will not perform or commence shift until payment is made. Deposits will not be refunded should you cancel or change your mind

  • Any lewd and/or uncivil behavior will NOT be tolerated.

    In the event an Entertainer feels unsafe or the conditions above have been breached, the Entertainer reserves the right to leave the premises immediately and no reimbursements to any amount will be made by the Entertainer or Territory Showgirls Company for any confirmed booking amounts.

  • Strictly NO personal information is to be exchanged between client and Entertainer.

  • NO persons under the legal age of 18+ to be at any booking event.

    Our Entertainers reserve the right to check identification if they believe a person may be underage. In the event that an underage person/s may be present, Entertainers will refuse service or Entertainment until the underage person/s leave the venue or the booking may be cancelled without refund.

  • Strictly NO photography, videography to be taken or distributed. This includes the recording and distribution of security footage whilst the Entertainer is working or performing.

    Some of our Entertainers are happy to pose for a photo/s at either the beginning or end of their booking/performance to the Entertainers discretion. Please respect the privacy rights of our Entertainers as they have personal lives separate to the Adult Entertainment Industry. Please ensure your guests are made aware of these conditions prior to the commencement of the booking. This is to protect your privacy also. No refunds in any case will be given if the booking is terminated due to these conditions being breached.

  • NO physical touching policy applies

    Crowd participation can be part of an Entertainers show; in this case, touching the Entertainer during the performance is only permitted when a clear verbal direction is given and is only valid for a small duration of the show. This direction should be consensual to both parties involved. Each Entertainer a different level of comfort and we ask that you respect and adhere to their boundaries. If the Entertainer feels uncomfortable or threatened in any way, the Entertainer reserves the right to terminate the booking immediately without refund.

  • Strictly NO escorting or full service available.

    Soliciting or sexual services that include penetration is forbidden by either party. Territory Showgirls reserves the right to report and disclose to the correct authorities.

  • The Entertainer you select will be the Entertainer servicing your event

    In the unlikely event your selected Entertainer becomes unavailable for any reason, you will be notified and given the opportunity to select a new Entertainer.

  • The entertainer may participate at their discretion in event activities that involve drinking alcoholic beverages however we do not encourage excessive intake or intoxication.

    In the event you notice an Entertainer is under duress or increased intoxication for any reason, you must notify Territory Showgirls management immediately to remove her from the event and ensure her safety.